30mm KITAKARU RPL Ortho Eyepiece

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In Stock - a modern interpretation of the Orthoscopic, by one of Japan's most respected optical designers and lifetime observer
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30mm KITAKARU RPL Ortho Eyepiece

Altair 30mm KITAKARU RPL Orthoscopic Eyepiece

The KITAKARU Eyepiece design is also known as the RPL, which stands for "Really Perfect Eyepiece".

An eyepiece that is absent of distortion is said to be orthoscopic. The KITAKARU RPL is a modern interpretation of the traditional orthoscopic, producing orthoscopic images and a wider field of view. They are an evolution of the Lavendura series by one of Japan's most respected optical designers and lifetime observer.

Many years of experimentation have resulted in a 4 element Orthoscopic design which is free from most aberrations. This is an eyepiece by astronomers, for astronomers.

The RPL has perfect colour correction matched to the human eye, very high on axis sharpness, and a distortion and aberration free field of view right to the  62° apparent field edge - or as wide as your telescope optics can provide.

Top quality 9 Layer coatings on all surfaces remove reflections and boost contrast. 

15mm of Long Eye Relief means you can position your eye 15mm from the eyepiece rear lens, making this is a comfortable eyepiece for beginners and experienced observers alike, whether or not you're wearing glasses. This helps you spend more time observing fine details on the planets or moon without fatigue.

  • Apparent field of view 62° degrees
  • Focal Length 30mm
  • Barrel OD 2" with filter thread
  • Fold-down eyecups & rubber grip
  • Eye relief 15mm
  • 4 Element design
  • Coatings FMC Fully Multi-Coated
  • Computer designed baffling
  • Precision CNC machined barrel with extremely hard anodising and sandblasted finish.

Divide the telescope focal length in mm by the eyepiece focal length in mm to get the magnification.

Altair staff comment:"This is a premium orthoscopic eyepiece which delivers a perfect field free from distortion. Ideal for drawing lunar craters, for example, or if you just want very sharp views especially on axis. The only distortion you will see is from your telescope. The longer focal length eyepieces can deliver amazing views in large telescopes, with good eye relief and a very flat field. Coatings are top notch, and scatter isn't noticeable at all. Very suited to the purist observing style with any telescope with a flat field such as SCTs and F7 or longer focal length Refractors. With a fast Dobsonian you need a coma corrector to benefit fully from this unique design."

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Product Code KITAKARU30