Add Extra Eyepieces

Adding some different focal length eyepieces will give you a wider choice of magnifications to work with.  The magnification you get from your Telescope is the Telescopes Focal Length divided by the Focal Length of the Eyepiece you use.  This means the smaller the Eyepiece Focal Length the more magnification you will get. For Example;

Celestron 127SLT Telescope Focal Length = 1,500 mm 
Using a 25mm Eyepiece (1,500 divided by 25) = 60x Magnification
Using a 12mm Eyepiece (1,500 divided by 12) = 125x Magnification

You can't go crazy though with magnifications.  The more you magnify the darker your image will appear, so maximum magnification depends on how much light your telescope gathers.  The amount of light you can gather is determined by the aperture of your telescope. In the case of the Celestron 127 SLT the aperture is 127mm or 5 inches and as a general rule of thumb the highest usable magnification is equal to 50-60 times the telescopes aperture in inches. So for example;

Celestron 127SLT Aperture = 127mm or 5 inches.
Highest Maginification (60 x 5 inches) = 300x
Most powerful usable eyepiece (1500mm focal length divided by 300 max magnification) = 5mm

A Barlow lens is a very useful device when it comes to eyepieces and magnifications.  It is basically a kind of adapter that fits into your eyepiece tube which in turn you place your eyepiece in.  It effectively increases the magnification of your eyepiece by a factor of 2x or 3x depending on the Barlow you use.  It means that it can effectively give you a choice of two magnifications for every single eyepiece you own.  Very useful when you are starting out on a budget!

By adding higher quality Eyepieces you can also improve your field of view, contrast and sharpness and depending on the Eyepieces you choose also gain extra eye relief.  Eye relief is the distance your eyeball needs to be from the surface of the eyepiece glass. Generally most people find more eye relief to be more comfortable, and in the case of glasses users sometimes essential.

You can see our full range of Eyepieces by clicking here but for beginners we recommend starting with either good quality Plossl or upgrading to a small selection of Celestron X-Cel LX eyepieces as listed here.
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