Altair GPCAM USB Cooler Module

Product code: GPCAM-USBCOOL
Altair GPCAM USB Fan Cooler Kit
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Altair GPCAM USB Cooler Module
Altair GPCAM USB Fan Cooler Kit consists of a large surface area aluminium heat sink with a USB powered fan.
We use a high quality low vibration long life fan rated for rack server use. 40,000 RPM DC brushless unit with low noise bearing. 2.5m USB cable delivers 5v DC.
Instructions for assembly & use:
1) Place guard over fan.
2) Screw the fan onto the heatsink through the guard by means of 4 included screws.
3) Peel off the special heat transfer backing on the underside of the heat sink.
4) Click the camera into place from the side.
5) Plug USB cable into your PC USB port. 
6) Cooldown takes around 2 mins.

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Brand Altair Astro
Condition New