Altair Wave Series Refractors

The Altair Astro Wave Series ED Triplet Refractors

The ED triplet lens design of the Wave Series refractors from Altair Astro deliver a level of contrast and colour correction beyond that of conventional doublet refractors, establishing these telescopes as a benchmark in the industry. Wave Series means an extra level of quality control and traceability during the polishing and figuring stages of lens construction. Only the highest quality optical glass is used from Schott Germany and Ohara Japan, free of internal tensions, and with high transmission multi-coatings on all six air to glass surfaces. Lenses go through a series of quality checks during production and are made in batches. Every telescope lens is unique, requiring care and attention to attain acceptable quality. Not every lens earns Wave Series designation. Therefore each telescope lens cell has a unique serial number with provenance traceable directly to the optician from initial grinding, polishing, and figuring, through to the final collimation and adjustment stages. This keeps production volumes low, and quality higher than you can expect in this price range. Whether you want low power views of deep-sky objects and stars against a jet black background, or memorable high power planetary and lunar views, Wave series telescopes deliver time and time again. The Planostar range of dedicated reducers and flatteners are matched to the optical design, producing well corrected fields for the astro-photography fan too. Here are some of the many images obtained by Wave Series telescope owners. Now all you need to do is choose which model works best for you.

Wave Series 80 EDT Solar Prominence by Ewan Hobbs

Wave Series 102 EDT NGC68 by Phil Shepherd

Wave Series 115 EDT M51 by Jack Russel