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Astronomik offer a range of high quality filters for a variety of uses to significantly expand your observing and imaging opportunities. The human eye is not sensitive in the infrared range like CCD imagers and photographic film so their Visual Filters do not have the integrated IR Blocking featured in the photographic versions.

Astronomik filters are available in a a variety of sizes including 1.25 inch, 2 inch and a patented Clip Filter system that can be inserted within seconds directly into a Canon EOS camera body. There are no changes necessary and all lens functions (focus, screen, image stabilization) remain functional!

Quality Characteristics of Astronomik filters:

  • Astronomic filtersSuperior Substrate: Astronomik filters consist of a precision polished substrate on which the actual filter, in the form of very thin (dichroic) interference layers, is applied. Because of these high quality measures Astronomik filters will in no way reduce the performance of your optical system. And contrary to common experience with other manufacturers´ filters, with Astronomik filters stars remain fine needle points of light!
  • Coating: Astronomik filters consist of up to 130 layers deposited on top of the completely transparent carrier glass. These layers work as the actual filter and as an antireflective coating.
  • Durability: Astronomik filters are completely scratch resistant, and not sensitive to moisture, dew, or high humidity. With others’ filters, after a few years, you start to notice their filter is no longer up to its full capability. Not so with Astronomik filters which maintain their ‘brand new’ transmission specifications year after year.

Astronomik’s filters come with a 10 year warranty.

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