Astronomy Starter Kit - Binocular Pack

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Astronomy Starter Kit - Binocular Pack
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Astronomy Starter Kit - Binocular Pack

Astronomy Starter Kit - Binocular Pack - (Save 15% verses SRP of buying items separately)

Getting started in Astronomy doesn't always involve an expensive telescope purchase! In fact there are thousand's of objects visible with the naked eye alone, and tens of thousand's more visible with a good pair of binoculars.

The key point is knowing where and as importantly when to look so the first item in this Astronomy Starter Kit is a Complete Beginner's Guide to Exploring The Night Sky.  The included DK Planisphere and Starfinder book fits the bill perfectly. We particularly like this hardback book because of its large easy to read glossy pages and the fact that it includes a pull out planisphere. The planisphere helps you plan when to look for a particular object and really helps a beginner to understand how celestial objects move in relation to each other.

Once you have explored the sky with the naked eye the next step is to take a closer look and binoculars are a great way to do this!  The included Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 Binoculars are perfect for Astronomy.  The 70mm objective lens gathers plenty of light allowing you to see distant galaxies such as Andromeda and the 15x magnification reveals interesting details on the moons surface.  An adapter is included in the box so they can be mounted on a camera tripod (sold separately) and we have added a Lens Pen so that you can keep the optics free of dust and fingerprints.

Finally we have added a Red LED Fashlight. This useful item will enable you to read you planisphere in the dark without destroying your sensitive night vision.  It takes a good twenty minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark and in this state faint deep sky objects are much easier to see.  Just a couple of seconds of bright white light can take you back to square one!  It is for this reason that many Star Parties and Astronomy Society events have a red light only policy. 

The Astronomy Starter Kit - Binocular Pack includes;

1 x DK Planisphere and Starfinder 'Complete beginner's guide to the night sky' hardback book.
1 x Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 Binoculars
1 x Celestron Lens cleaning pen/brush
1 x Celestron Dual Red LED Flashlight with adjustable brightness. Includes 9V Battery
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Product Code ASKBin1
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