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Stockists of leading brands of Astronomy Telescopes for Sale in the UK

We have one of the largest displays of Astronomy Telescopes for sale in the UK from popular brands including  Celestron, Sky-Watcher, Baader Planetarium, VixenLunt Solar Systems, Helios, Barr & Stroud,  Explore Scientific, Bresser and more.  

More importantly we are a real UK based Telescope shop, not just an online store. This means you can visit us and actually see a huge range  of equipment in person. You can talk to us face to face, and you can rely on us to give you support after your purchase too.  We are happy to help our customers with free collimation, handset upgrades and technical support for the life ownership of equipment bought from us.

Choosing an Astronomy Telescope

Firstly we know that finding the right telescope can be quite a challenge especially with such a bewildering range of choices available, but we are convinced that seeing them first hand and talking to an expert in a relaxed environment can really help.  Thats why our showroom boasts one of the largest displays of astronomical telescopes in the UK, as well as a coffee machine and a biscuit barrel!

Choosing the right astronomy telescope will depend on many factors. Budget will of course be one of them, but practical aspects and your astronomy ambitions will be the key driving points to consider.  This leads to three key decisions;

The grass roots simplicity of the manual mounts verses computerisation is one choice. This is sometimes also driven by a desire to photograph the nightsky with an option of a halfway house - a driven but not computerised mount.

Then there is the type of mount, alt-az verses Equatorial? The latter adds extra complexity but is needed if you are thinking of taking longer exposure photographs, the former is quicker to set up and easier to use especially for a beginner.

Finally and arguably the most important - SIZE! Yes size matters in Astronomy, but although in theory all your desktop reseach will tell you biggest is best, at Tring Astronomy Centre we know that practicality matters more. This is why we have taken several years to build up an extensive display of scopes that you can come and see. You can take time to work out what is going to fit with how you are able to use your telescope, things like where are you are able to store it, how you can transport it, and if you are even going to be able to lift it!

But hang on a minute, if your talking Deep sky Astrophotography there is actually an argument to say in some cases smaller is better.....!! Why? because now we need to talk about FOV and F-Ratios too! But don't worry, that's why we are called the 'UK's friendly Experts'. We offer helpful, friendly and down to earth advice as well as a comprehensive range of equipment from leading brands so are very happy to talk to you to help you understand which ones best fit your requirements. Call or visit us now.

We offer Free Mainland UK Delivery on All Astronomy Telescopes

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