We are official AstroTrac dealers and have the complete range of AstroTrac products on display and for sale in our showroom in Tring Hertfordshire.

The AstroTrac TT320X-AG is a lightweight highly portable precision equatorial mount which can carry a suprisingly large load for its size. It is designed to be used with a DSLR + Lens or a small Telescope up to around 15 kg in weight yet only weighs in at around 1kg itself. It is very quick to setup and also easy to use so you can be ready to image in a very short space of time.

As well as being ultra portable the TT320X-AG has incredible unguided tracking accuracy. Most DSLR camera exposures are around 5 minutes or less. The TT320X-AG has typical unguided tracking error of around 5 arcseconds peak-to-peak or better over a 5 minute period. This means you can easily capture pin sharp stars at 200 mm or more focal length. The only other mounts which can match the unguided tracking accuracy of the TT320X-AG cost many thousands more.

For pin sharps stars at longer focal lengths the TT320X-AG has right ascension autoguiding capability compatible with popular ST-4 autoguiders or popular autoguiding software such as MaximDL and PhD.