Baader UFC (Universal Filter Changer) System

Baader UFC Universal Filter Changer System Overview​​​​​​​The Baader-UFC Universal Filter Changer is well thought out design  that can grow and change with virtually any set up, thanks to its vast range of optional attachments. The filter chamber (UFC-Base) is the core part, which accepts different filter sliders to suit various filters from 1.25 inch up to 50mm square. There are options for the camera side, including the popular T-2 and M48 male thread sizes. On the telescope side there is a S70 dovetail system that accepts a range of adapters with female threads again in popular sizes but also including some more specialised attachments like the RASA adapter.

A basic system will therefore require the Filter changer base + A filter slider (possibly with adapter) to suit your filter size + a camera side adapter (attached by 8 screws) + Telescope side Adapter (S70 Dovetail)

Additional spacers can be added as necessary.

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