Bresser Messier AR-90/900 EXOS-1/EQ4 Telescope

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The lightest and most portable refractor in Bresser's Exos 1 range. Well-built and optically excellent.
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Bresser Messier AR-90/900 EXOS-1/EQ4 Telescope
Bresser Messier AR-90/900 Refractor telescope Ref: 4790907

A 90mm refractor will give the user stunning Planetary views, but will also be a creditable performer on the brighter Galaxies and Nebulae. Bresser's Messier AR 90/900 is a great example of this type of telescope - the f/10 focal ratio giving well-corrected views of the universe. The Exos 1 mount is a lighter version of the more comprehensive Exos 2, but still performs admirably: holding the telescope steady and providing excellent manual tracking.

Design: Achromatic Refractor
Aperture: 90mm
F/Ratio: f/10
F/length: 900mm
Practical Maximum Power: 180x
Tube Dimensions: 900mm x 91mm
Tube Weight: 2.5kg
Mount Design: Exos 1 German Equatorial
Mount Weight: 3.8kg
Tripod Weight: 4.6kg 
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Brand Bresser
Condition New
Product Code 4790907