Camera Adapter

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lets you connect your DSLR to any telescope with a 2" push-fit focuser barrel
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Camera Adapter
This 2" barrel T-Thread adapter adds a 40mm spacing between your telescope focuser and the camera, so it's recommended if you need to bring your 40mm camera outwards from the telescope to achieve focus. 
 You will also need a female T-Thread to camera adapter, specific to your camera make, i.e. Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony, and so-on. These are widely available from any high street camera shop. In our experience, they cheapest ones sometimes don't fit very well to complex cameras like Nikon/Canon bayonet fit, due to inaccurate machining, so try to buy from a reputable company.
The T-Thread on this adapter is located on the outside of the top ring - commonly known as a "male" T-Thread or "outside" fit. Your camera adapter or accessory needs to have the T-Thread on the inside for it to fit.
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Product Code 20226