Celestron Astro Fi 6 Telescope
Celestron Astro Fi 6 Telescope
Celestron Astro Fi 6 Telescope
Celestron Astro Fi 6 Telescope
Celestron Astro Fi 6 Telescope

Celestron Astro Fi 6 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

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Celestron Astro Fi 6 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

The Astro Fi 6" is a computerized alt-azimuth Schmidt Cassegrain telescope perfect for terrestrial and celestial viewing on the go. The Astro Fi offers dazzling views of craters on the Moon, the rings of Saturn, the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, the Orion Nebula, the Hercules Globular Cluster and so much more at night.

Setting up the telescope is a breeze and will have you observing in no time. Even on your first time out, you can assemble the telescope, its accessories, and download SkyPortal app in just a few minutes. The adjustable tripod legs allow you to customize the telescope’s height to your liking. The telescope kit is lightweight and portable, perfect for impromptu observing sessions or transporting wherever life’s adventures take you.

For even more fun, Astro Fi’s lens cap does double duty as a smartphone adapter. Position your smartphone inside the adapter and then secure it over the Astro Fi’s eyepiece to capture images and video of all your discoveries.

Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical Tube

The Astro Fi comes with a 6” optical tube, a great multi-use telescope with 1500 mm focal length (f/10).  The Celestron C6 is equipped with patented StarBright® XLT coatings which visibly increase contrast on subtle lunar, planetary, and nebula details and higher light transmission for brighter deep space images and shorter exposure times. For this application, observers can use the C6 Celestron optical tube to view the night sky or as a terrestrial spotting scope. The Celestron C6 has the best balance of portability, handling ease, light grasp and price ever offered to the amateur astronomer. It is an advanced level instrument that is as easy to use as any intermediate level, and most entry level, telescopes.

StarBright XLT coatings – Schmidt-Cassegrain optical system offers bright, sharp views with StarBright XLT optical coatings—a great choice for visual observers and budding astroimagers alike.  StarBright XLT is Celestron’s revolutionary optical coating system that outperforms any other coating in the commercial telescope market. There are three major components that make up our StarBright XLT high-transmission optical system design: Unique enhanced multi-layer mirror coatings, multi-layer anti-reflective coatings, and high-transmission water white glass.  These three components of our StarBright XLT coatings result in one of the finest coatings available. For more information about our patented StarBright XLT coatings, visit here.

Computerized Alt-Azimuth telescope

Take in the sky with the computerized alt-azimuth telescope. This straightforward design allows the telescope to move in all directions.

Integrated WiFi & Celestron’s SkyPortal App

Control your telescope using your smart device. The Astro Fi series emits its own wireless connection to Celestron’s SkyPortal app to provide easy remote observing. Celestron’s SkyPortal app replaces the traditional telescope hand control for a 100% wireless experience. Scan the sky for an object you would like to view, tap the object in SkyPortal and watch your Astro Fi telescope automatically slews to the object. While observing, SkyPortal provides information on the object; it’s never been more fun to explore the universe!

NOTE: Due to the amount of information SkyPortal has to offer, we recommend downloading the app before going out to observe.

SkyAlign Technology

Getting ready to observe is quick and painless thanks to Celestron’s award-winning SkyAlign technology. Center any three bright objects in the eyepiece, and your telescope calculates its position. You can even generate a Sky Tour of all the best celestial objects to view based on your exact time and location.

Accessories Included

The Astro Fi 6" comes with two eyepieces (25mm and 10 mm), a star diagonal, an smartphone adapter, and a StarPointer finderscope.  The two eyepieces offer different magnifications to view your intended object. The star diagonal provides a right-side-up viewing for a more comfortable viewing angle when looking up at the sky. The StarPointer finderscope will help you quickly center an object in your eyepiece for easier observing.

Smartphone Adapter – Image celestial or terrestrial objects with this smartphone adapter! The Astro Fi has an smartphone adapter to capture great images of the Moon, planets, and terrestrial targets like birds and wildlife. With its light, rigid frame, this accessory allows you to connect any smartphone to any telescope eyepiece with an outside diameter of 45mm or smaller. This smartphone adapter installs easily over the top of an eyepiece while bungee cords securely hold your phone in position so you can snap images or video.  While the vast majority of smartphones can be used with the case on, some very large and/or bulky phone cases (such as folio style cases) may need to be removed for the phone to fit in the adapter.

Starry Night Software

Download Celestron’s Starry Night Software and learn about the night sky, celestial objects, and how to plan your next observing session. Celestron Starry Night Software is the premier astronomy software package on the market, providing resources and knowledge to view our solar system and beyond.


6" Schmidt Cassegrain with fully coated glass optics.
Control your computerized telescope via integrated WiFi using Celestron’s free SkyPortal app
Observe in no time with a quick and easy, no-tool setup.
Accessories include: two eyepieces (25mm and 10mm), star diagonal, StarPointer finderscope, and a NEW smartphone adapter.
Adjustable height tripod includes an accessory tray.


Optical Tube Info: 
Optical Design: Schmidt-Cassegrain
Aperture: 150mm (6")
Focal Length: 1500mm (59")
Focal Ratio: f/10
Focal Length of Eyepiece 1: 25mm (0.98")
Magnification of Eyepiece 1: 38x
Focal Length of Eyepiece 2: 10mm (0.39")
Magnification of Eyepiece 2: 115x
Finderscope: StarPointer
Star Diagonal: 1.25"
Optical Tube: Aluminum
Highest Useful Magnification: 354x
Lowest Useful Magnification: 21x
Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 13.4
Resolution (Rayleigh): .93 arc seconds
Resolution (Dawes): 0.77 arc seconds
Light Gathering Power (Compared to human eye): 459x
Secondary Mirror Obstruction: 55.88mm (2.2")
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area: 14%
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Diameter: 37%
Optical Coatings: StarBright XLT
Optical Tube Length: 406.4mm (16")
Optical Tube Diameter: 155mm (6.1")
Optical Tube Weight: 4.8 lbs (2.17 kg)
Dovetail: Vixen / CG-5 Dovetail bar
Mount Info: 
Mount Type: Computerized Altitude-Azimuth Single Fork Arm
Instrument load capacity: 8 lbs (3.6 kg)
Height adjustment range (includes mount and tripod): 863.6mm - 1371.6mm (34" - 54")
Tripod leg diameter: 31.75mm (1.25") Aluminum
Mount Head Weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
Accessory Tray: Yes. Includes rubberized smartphone or tablet holder
Tripod Weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
Slew Speeds: max slew rate is 3°/second
Tracking Rates: Sidereal, Solar, and Lunar
Tracking Modes: Alt-Az, EQ North & EQ South
Dovetail Compatibility: Vixen / CG-5 Dovetail
Number of Auxiliary ports: 2x Aux port for optional accessories
Autoguider port: No
USB Port: No (only with optional Nexstar+ remote)
Power Requirements: 12V DC, 1A (Tip positive)
Motor Drive: DC servo motor
Alignment Procedures: SkyAlign, 3-Star Align, Solar System Align
Periodic Error Correction: No
Computerized Hand Control: Hand control not included (optional)
NexStar+ Database: Optional Nexstar+ hand remote provides over 4,000 objects in the computer's database
Software: Celestron's Starry Night Special Edition Software, SkyPortal App. Each provide over 100,00 objects in their database
Total Kit Weight: 14.8 lbs (6.71 kg)
Included Items: Telescope OTA / Mount / Tripod w/accessory tray / 2x eyepieces / Red dot starpointer / Battery pouch

5 stars based on 2 reviews
from West Berkshire

I am a newcomer to Astronomy armed with nothing more than an enquiring mind and a fascination for the sky at night. This is an excellent entry level telescope and one that won’t disappoint. Read on.

We visited the showroom with a view to just doing a little research and ended up buying the Celestron Astro Fi 6 SCT. There was no hard sell just a comprehensive response to all our questions which all helped to make our minds up there and then. We wanted something that would be easy to use and capable of capturing the planets as well as the less bright objects in the sky. We were concerned that the 4 inch would not capture enough light so decided that we would go for the 5 inch at least but with the 6 inch being just £100 more than the 5 inch decided to go the extra mile. The SkyPortal app is excellent and very comprehensive as is the Starry Night Celestron SE 7 application for the laptop; I have spent an ample amount of time looking at both without being hooked up to the telescope as they have a wealth of information contained within.

I did struggle to get the scope aligned at first but that was more to do with the manual being a little light on detail and me being a complete novice; thank heavens for YouTube. But even without aligning successfully on the first night we simply picked a bright object, manually aligned the telescope and..."Wow!" Jupiter, complete with bands and 4 of its brightest moons and that was with the 25mm eyepiece, then we put the 10mm eyepiece in and the image just got better. The second night we found Jupiter again and repeated the exercise. Our eyes were then drawn to another bright object close by so we aligned the scope to that..."Wow!" again, this time Saturn with its rings clearly visible.

We are completely hooked and now looking to add to the two stock eyepieces but this is more about extending the range at this stage rather than replacing as they are more than adequate for initial use. The only recommendation I would make to potential buyers is to purchase a Lunar Filter at the point of purchase, this is a must. Preferably a darker one (13%) as the moon is incredibly bright when viewed through a telescope.

I wanted to give a rating of 5 because I am really impressed with the telescope and Tring but...perfection is hard won, this is my first review and I have nothing else to compare it with. Also having used the telescope on a number of nights since we bought it nearly 2 weeks ago I would prefer a slightly less sensitive focusing mechanism to make it easier to get a really sharp focus.

Bottom line is that this telescope gets a strong recommendation. We were right to go for the 6 inch, we have been awestruck by being able to see two such well known planets in such great detail for what is a relatively inexpensive setup and the views of the moon are truly incredible with superb detail. Thank you Tring Astronomy Centre.

Colin bacon
from Cambridgeshire

Excellent service

First I would like to say how nice the people who run Tring Astronomy centre and how helpful too.

I recently purchased the Astro Fi 6 inch Cassegrain.

I was torn between this Telescope and a Dobsobian .

I had seen negative reviews about the wi fi on you tube. But Neil explained why some people may have been using the wi fi incorrectly . I have to say the wi fi works perfectly.

When buying the telescope I also brought a power pack, Tring Astromomy upgraded this purchase at no extra charge because the original one wasn’t available. Also I had a little trouble with the red dot finder again I was sent another one free of charge .

There is no hard sell from this shop just very good advice which helped me decide which telescope to purchase.

I’m very happy with purchase tho haven’t been able to use it too much because of constant low cloud .

One bit of advice I received was to purchase a dew protector , excellent advice .

I would certainly recommend this shop to anyone who is thinking of buying a telescope.

Brand Celestron
Condition New
Product Code 22205