Celestron SCT Collimation

To get the best performance from a Schmidt-Cassegrain (SCT) or EdgeHD telescope, its optics must be collimated, ie properly aligned within the telescope. Celestron telescopes are collimated at the factory when they are assembled, and the collimation is QA-checked before shipment. However, if the telescope has been dropped or jarred during transport or has undergone considerable temperature changes, it may need to be re-collimated. 

This is done by adjusting the tilt of the secondary mirror housed at the center of the Schmidt corrector. 

Collimating an SCT Telecope​​​​​​​

The above picture shows the difference between a collimated and out of collimation telescope when defocused on a star.

If you would like us to collimate your Celestron SCT telescope for you, we offer this service at a usual cost of £39 + VAT if there are no unusual complications.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and or to make a booking.