Celestron SkyProdigy

Celestron SkyProdigy
The Celestron SkyProdigy is a very beginner friendly telescope. It is a truly revolutionary product that uses ground breaking technology, making it one of the easiest telescopes to set up. SkyProdigy is the product of a culmination of decades of telescope advancements.  It combines electronic motors, an intelligent on-board computer, a digital camera and StarSense technology to create an automatic, instant alignment telescope that requires very little input from the user.  Simply turn it on, push a button and wait a few minutes whilst the telescope takes some pictures of the sky.  Usually within about 3 minutes it will have aquired enough data to align itself and be ready to show you some night sky treasures!

In addition to selling online and from our showroom we also have Celestron SkyProdigy Telescopes available to hire! Check out our telescope hire section for more details.


Celestron SkyProdigy Telescopes are available in store or online with Free UK Delivery

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  • Celestron StarSense Accessory

    Celestron StarSense Accessory

    Enables automatic alignment of your compatible Celestron computerized telescope. No need to identify or locate any star in the sky – StarSense will automatically align your telescope, so you can begin observing in minutes.