Celestron Telescopes

Celestron Telescope Line Up

We are an Official UK Dealer for Celestron and we stock and display examples of most of the Celestron range of telescopes in our showroom in Tring.  This includes examples of the Astromaster, Nexstar SLT, Nexstar SE in all sizes, The new Evolution, CPC, Advanced VX, and larger CGEM models with SCT tubes of most sizes on display. 

The Celestron range of telescopes is well made and easy to use.  The entry level Nexstar range has beginner friendly software that allows the user to align the telescopes without needing to know the names of the stars.  Additional accessories like the Starsense camera can fully automate the alignment process for nealy all Celestron computerised mounts.

Choosing a Celestron Telescope

Choosing the right Celestron product will depend on many factors. Budget will of course be one of them, but practical aspects and your Astronomy ambitions will be the key points to consider.  The grass roots simplicity of the manual mounts verses computerisation is the first choice. Secondly the type of mount, alt-az verses Equatorial? The latter adds extra complexity but is needed if you are thinking of taking longer exposure photographs. Thirdly and arguably the most important - SIZE! Yes size matters in Astronomy, but although in theory all your desktop reseach will tell you biggest is best, at Tring Astronomy Centre we know that practicality matters more. This is why we have taken several years to build up an extensive display of scopes so that you can come and see them and work out what is going to fit with how you are able to use your telescope.  Where are you are able to store it, how you can transport it, and if you are even going to be able to lift it! Celestron offer a comprehensive range that we can talk you through so you can understand which ones best fit your requirements.

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