Deep Sky Imagers

Easier than a DSLR and no "astro modding" required: Deep Sky Imagers are much easier to use and focus than a DSLR, thanks to the live preview mode in image capture software used on a laptop. You can see a tiny star clearly in real-time, because there is no video compression.  These cameras are also typically more sensitive too.

Try deep-sky "lucky" imaging. Short exposures stacked take advantage of high resolution sensors with low read noise, reducing atmospheric aberrations and tracking errors or wind vibration. The more frames you stack, the smoother the image becomes, and the higher the dymanic range. Long cumulative exposure times of many hours can be achieved with modest equipment. The result is a smoother, sharper image, while suppressing any residual amp glow. 
Video Astronomy/EAA Friendly. Depending on the sensor size some of these cameras are also great for Video Astronomy or "EAA" Electronically Assisted Astronomy. Combined with a suitable telescope and tracking mount, you can use the Live Stacking features in the AltairCapture software or SharpCap PRO to see live images of Galaxies and Nebulae on a computer screen.
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