Explore Scientific 0.7x Reducer/corrector 3"

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Explore Scientific 0.7x Reducer/corrector 3"

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The Explore Scientific 3in 0.7x Reducer - Corrector reduces the effective focal length of a particular instrument by the factor 0.7x (for f/8) and 0.8x (for f/10) respectively. The reducer/corrector not only reduces the focal length but also operates as a very effective field flattener. Although originally developed for the Explore Scientific ED-APOs 127mm and 152mm, the reducer can be used with many telescopes, including the Meade ACF f/8 systems. Maximum free optical aperture is measured at 65mm.  This reducer/corrector comes with 3" barrel,  2 x adaptor for direct focuser thread (M53x0.75 / M57x0.75) and T2- adaptor. Free aperture 65mm, so that it can be used even with cameras that have a large sensor - if the telescope allows for this.

Note: For telescopes which are equipped with 2.5" HEX Focuser the optional adapter Part.No. 0510366 is needed.


Pictured left are the various configurations in which the Explore Scientific 3in 0.7x Reducer - Corrector can be mounted on standard Explore Scientific Triplet Apos.  Simply unscrew the eyepiece holder on the Explore Scientific Apo from the main focuser tube and the supplied ES Flattener/Reducer adapter ring screws on to the exposed ring.


This Reducer Corrector is ideal for large format cameras and imager sensors.  Vignetting is exceptionally well-controlled, due to its large aperture.


Please note: Explore Scientific refractors fitted with the newer 2.5" Hexfocus/Hexafoc focuser will require the additional Explore Scientific Hexafoc 2.5" Adapter for 3" Corrector to fit to their focusers.


Spacings from rear flange of T2 adapter to sensor plane


Explore Scientific ED 102 Apo: around 70mm
Explore Scientific ED 127 Apo: around 65mm
Explore Scientific ED 152 Apo: around 60mm
Explore Scientific ED 165 Apo: around 65mm

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