EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 82° LER Eyepiece 8,5mm Ar (1,25")

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EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 82° LER Eyepiece 8,5mm Ar (1,25")

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The visual effect of these new 8,5mm 82° LER eyepieces with their long eye-relief and their 82° apparent field is truly a full-immersion experience. Your eye is relaxed, allowing you to easily use the averted vision technique to study faint details across a huge field-of-view. The 82° Series eyepieces come with foldable eyecups make handling and using in the field easy. As experienced astronomers know, eye comfort is critical when trying to observe at the visual limits of the telescope. To keep internal reflections to a minimum, all internal surfaces of the eyepiece barrel are flat black, as well as the edges of the lenses themselves to minimize the scattering of light within the lenses themselves.

These eyepieces are the choice for observers wearing glasses - with excellent performance and durability. The patented EMD-coating produces high contrast images and prevents reflexes and ghosting. The argon purging effectively prevents internal fogging, and you don´t have to deal with dirt, fungus or cleansing fluids getting between the lenses. The eyepieces are sealed - this makes sure you will be able to enjoy these eyepieces for many years to come.

Comfort, Quality, Value. The Explore Scientific 82° LER Series Most short focal length eyepieces are excellent flat-field multi-element oculars that can transform your visual astronomy experience. These extreme wide field eyepieces are optimized to produce high contrast and high resolution characteristics.

Large eye distance, large field and great image sharpness
Excellent viewing position for people with glasses
Excellent field sharpness even with fast optics
82° apparent field of view
Argon-purging prevents internal fogging, the sealing facilitates cleaning
Patented EMD-coating to maximize contrast
Blackened lens edges to avoid reflexes
All eyepieces of this series are parfocal
Stainless steel barrel with conical security cutoff
Dust covers and protective bag included

82° Eyepiece
Dust covers
Protective bag
Technical Data

Focal length    8.5 mm
Apparent field of view    82 degrees

Eyepiece Barrel Diameter    31.7 mm
Eyecups    Rubber eyecups, foldable
Eye relief    15 mm
Extended warranty    10 years

Total length    106 mm
Net weight (without access.)    280 g

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Brand Explore Scientific
Condition New
Product Code 0218885