Explore Scientific ED APO 102mm f/7 Deluxe FCD-100 Hex-Focus

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Explore Scientific ED APO 102mm f/7 Deluxe FCD-100 Hex-Focus

Explore Scientific ED APO 102mm f/7 Deluxe FCD-100 Hex-Focus - Ships in 7-10 Days

Received a high 4 1/2 Star rating from BBC Sky at Night Magazine.

Apochromatic refractors are the ultimate choice in small to medium sized telescopes: their combination of compactness, transportability, very high image contrast and sharpness, together with their astrophotographic performance is hard to beat. The advances in glass manufacturing during the last few years have made true apochromats available to more astronomy enthusiasts than ever before. The new Explore Scientific FCD-100 Carbon Hex represents another major improvement in this field - the overall correction (color and spherical) sets new standards in this price class. The optical design shows a polystrehl value of 0.97, indicating a level of correction that is absolutely first class.


This excellent apochromat is a very versatile telescope: its fast f-ratio optimaises your time under the stars collecting data for imaging purposes. The high contrast and sharpness of the images you'll take will provide breathtaking views of large-area objects like the North America Nebula or the Andromeda Galaxy, as well as tack sharp planetary and lunar images (we'd recommend using one of the very fine Explore Scientific Focal Extender Barlows for this). The telescope is lightweight and compact - putting less stress on a mount.  The Explore Scientific's dew shield slides down the tube enabling a very compact package for both transportation and storage purposes. This qualifies this telescope as the ideal "grab and go" observer's instrument, when partnered with a mount such as the Explore Scientific Twilight I Alt/Az mount.


The Explore Scientific ED APO 102mm f/7 Deluxe FCD-100 Hex-Focus features the excellent 2.5" focuser with 10:1 reduction.  The 10:1 dual speed gear ratio makes finding a very fine focus easy.  The Hexfoc's large inner diameter of 65mm prevents vignetting when the telescope is used for astrophotography with cameras with large sensors.




Aperture: 102mm


Focal Length: 714mm


Focal ratio: f/7


Design: Apochromat with three lenses, two air spaces and FCD-100 glass


2" 99% Diagonal included


Handle features mounting place for cameras


44mm universal dovetail with stainless steel protection included (Fits Super/Great Polaris, EQ5, LXD75, EXOS-II)


Uses newly designed HOYA FCD-100 glass for maximal color fidelity and correction


Dewshield slides back onto tube for easy transport

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Product Code 112108