Kendrick Premium dew heater 4 inch

Product code: KAI-2008
Kendrick Premium dew heater 4 inch
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Kendrick Premium dew heater 4 inch

If you point a telescope or any lens at the night sky, condensation usually forms on the lens within half an hour or so. This is caused by rapid cool down of the lens to below ambient temperature.

Kendricks Premier dew heaters are designed to disperse heat into your optics to stop dew formation. Many companies have tried to copy this original design and idea by Jim Kendrick, however the premier heater line remain the most reliable, highest quality dew heater on the market, and a must-have accessory for astronomy.

Simply wrap the heater around the front of your telescope, finder or eyepiece, just behind the optics. The heater has a high quality elasticated Velcro tab which holds the heater in place. Kendrick dew heaters can be used in combination with Kendrick dew shields for added contrast and protection against dust. Kendrick Premium heaters have an RCA plug which fits into a Kendrick dew controller and must always be used with a controller. Dew heaters should never be used by connecting them durectly to a power source.

There are a lot of poor copies of this product being sold by various individuals and companies on the web, so we've included a note on Kendrick quality and links to a comparison with a copycat product:
  • High build quality. We use only the best quality components in our system, whether it be controllers or heaters. We do not compromise on the integrity or performance capabilities of our product.
  • High quality circuit boards in our controllers. We use "double sided" circuit boards. This gives our heater jacks extra strength to help prevent the solder breaks that will occur on single sided boards from the stress and strain of plugging and unplugging heaters.
  • Jim Kendrick's dew remover system has been copied since it's invention by Jim. Read our Kendrick vs Competitor Comparison. See for yourself and make an educated decision.
  • Have more questions about dew control?
    See Dew Heaters: Frequently Asked Questions

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