Lunt Calcium Ca-K Solar Telescopes

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The LS60TCaK is a complete solar telescope for observing the sun in the light of the Calcium-K line (Ca-K). The refractor is a to the Ca-K wavelength optimized doublet achromat with 60 mm aperture and 500 mm focal length. Internal narrowband filters allow for a <2.4 Angstrom bandwidth. The blocking filter and the Ca-K filter are installed in a star diagonal. This star diagonal is on the eyepiece side equipped with a reception for 1.25” eyepieces and a T2-connection for cameras.
The in robust transport cases delivered telescopes are available, same like their H-alpha sister models, alternatively with B600 or B1200 blocking filter, and with Crayford or Feather Touch focuser - certainly both with 10:1 reduction. The tube rings of the telescopes are fitted with 1/4”-20 threads for photo-tripods.