Meade LightBridge Mini Dobsonian Telescopes

Meade LightBridge Mini Grab and Go Telescopes

LightBridge Mini Series

The LightBridge Mini series allows you to setup and share the stargazing experience in seconds. Whether you are camping in the outdoors or relaxing in your backyard, the Lightbridge Mini Dobsonians are the ideal “grab-and-go” telescopes, offering easy and portable observation for an excellent value. 

The LightBridge Mini 82, 114 and 130 offer magnificent light gathering ability to see a variety of planets, nebulae, star clusters and galaxies. Each model requires no aligning or assembly, meaning you are ready-to-go out of the box!

The 82mm model is perfectly equipped for those starting the hobby while the 114mm and 130mm boast a vixen-style dovetail and parabolic mirror for those who seek versatility and clarity.

The Lightbridge Mini series has a simple point-and-look design and a 360° “lazy Susan” style mount that anyone can appreciate while navigating the night sky.