Micro Adjustable Geared XYAZ Head for Mini Guider & Vixen Polarie

Product code: XYAZ-MICRO-HEAD
Micro Adjustable Geared Head
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Micro Adjustable Geared XYAZ Head for Mini Guider & Vixen Polarie

Allows very fine motion control in both up/down (Altitude) and rotation (Azimuth) axes with a rigid locking mechanism.
Uses include: 

  • Auto-guiding mount - use with Miniguider 60 Clamp (code: MG60-CLAMP) to achieve full pan/tilt control over your Altair 60mm miniguider OTA to center guide stars precisely.
  • Video-finder mount - when used for video finding, allows you to maintain precise alignment between video finder and main telescope.
  • Vixen Polarie ALT-AZ base - the perfect solution for mounting your Vixen Polarie! Mount the Micro Adjustable Pan/Tilt head between the Polarie and your tripod head to give you very fine adjustments necessary for polar alignment.
  • Piggyback DSLR mounting - mount your DSLR piggyback on your main scope and use the fine motion controls for accurate framing of the subject.
  • Studio / macro photgraphy - attach to your existing tripod pan/tilt head for making even finer pan/tilt adjustments.


  • Micro-motion controls on both up/down and rotation axes.
  • Can be locked in position once set, to maintain precise alignment.
  • High quality metal construction and very precise machining.
  • Base fits standard camera tripods with female 1/4"-20 thread.
  • Base can be attached to Vixen or Losmandy dovtail bars by means of a 1/4"-20 screw.
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