Moravian Instruments G2-2000 Monochrome CCD ASTROPHOTO Camera with KAI-2020 CCD

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Moravian Instruments G2-2000 Monochrome CCD ASTROPHOTO Camera with KAI-2020 CCD

Moravian Instruments G2-2000 Monochrome CCD Camera with Kodak KAI-2020 CCD Sensor with ABG (Anti-Blooming Gates) and Electronic Shutter
Specially Designed for Astrophotography

Designed and manufactured in Europe

Sensor: Kodak KAI-2020 Monochrome CCD
Resolution: 1604 x 1204 pixels
Quantum Efficiency: 57% max
Pixel Size: 7.4 x 7.4 µm
Imaging Area: 11.9 x 8.9 mm
Interface: USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible)
Cooling: Two-stage Peltier up to -50°C
Available on back order. Usual delivery time: appr. 4 weeks

Shipping and Packaging
G2 CCD cameras are supplied in a foam-filled, hard carrying case containing:

  • Camera body with an optional telescope adapter. The standard 2" barrel adapter is included by default. If ordered, the filter wheel is already mounted inside the camera head and filters are threaded into place (if ordered).
  • A 100-240 V AC input, 12 V DC output “brick” adapter with 1.8 m long power cable.
  • 5 m long USB A-B cable for connecting camera to host PC.
  • A CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive with camera drivers, SIPS software package with electronic documentation and PDF version of User's Manual.
  • A printed copy of camera User's Manual

G2 CCD cameras are shipped in the foam-filled carrying case (left), larger case is used if camera is ordered with external filter wheel (right)

Further product information about the G2 Series CCD Cameras
This series of G2 CCD cameras was developed especially with astro-photographers on mind. These cameras utilize sensitive, low noise Kodak KAI Interline-transfer CCD detectors with anti-blooming gates and electronic shutter with short-exposure capability. Updated version of camera electronics with High-speed USB 2.0 interface provides fast image download and very low camera read noise. Other camera features are identical to the G2 series cameras based on Full-frame Kodak KAF CCD detectors—very efficient two-stage Peltier CCD cooling up to 50 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature, simple 12 V DC power supply, compact and robust camera head with mechanical shutter and optional 5 or 6-positions filter wheel.

While scientific applications require CCD detectors with maximum quantum efficiency, very low noise, high dynamic range and linear response to light, astro-photographers rather appreciate anti-blooming to be able to acquire wide-field images with bright stars without blooming spikes and electronic shutter for very short exposures of Moon and planets. Some astro-photographers also prefer single-shot-color cameras not to bother with filters and combination of resulting images from individual color images. New CCD cameras G2-2000 and G2-4000 provide all these features.

G2 CCD camera head

Above: G2 CCD camera head

Both camera models (2000 and 4000), based on Kodak KAI CCDs, share important features with the Kodak KAF CCD based G2-0402, G2-1600 and G2-3200 models intended for scientific applications and narrow-band imaging:

  • Compact camera head, small and lightweight enough to be attached even to small telescopes.
  • Hight-quality, very low-noise electronics for images with maximum S/N and without artificial gradients and other artifacts.
  • Efficient and precisely regulated CCD chip cooling up to 50 °C below ambient temperature.
  • Integrated all-in-one design with USB and power connectors directly on the camera head.
  • Integrated shutter not to bother with covering the telescope when taking dark frames.
  • Integrated filter wheel for standard filters to take (L)RGB or narrow-band images.
  • Single-voltage power supply enabling operation from 12V battery or “brick” adapter.
  • Fast image transfer over High-speed USB connection to the host PC with Plug and Play driver installation.
  • Wide choice of various adapters for all common standards of telescopes, coma-correctors, focal reducers or field flatteners, microscopes, photographic lenses etc.
  • Robust construction to sustain every-day usage.
  • Rich software support.

Other features are especially important for astro-photographes:

  • Strong anti-blooming gates ensure proper images of bright stars in the field of view without blooming spikes.
  • Electronic shuttering allows very short exposures of bright objects like Moon and the planets.
  • Fast windowing allows reading of arbitrary detector sub-frame faster than in the case of KAF CCD detectors.
  • Single-shot color camera variants with advanced multi-pass color (Bayer) pattern demosaicing in software.

Above: G2-4000 CCD camera head (for illustration only)

G2 CCD series with Kodak KAI CCDs include four models:
Model     CCD Chip Color mask                Resolution    Pixel size     Imaging area    Download time
G2-2000 KAI-2020 Monochrome None   1604 × 1204 7.4 × 7.4 μm   11.9 × 8.9 mm      ~ 2.6 s
G2-2000C KAI-2020 Color Bayer RGBG 1602 × 1202 7.4 × 7.4 μm   11.9 × 8.9 mm      ~ 2.6 s
G2-4000 KAI-4022 Monochrome None   2056 × 2062 7.4 × 7.4 μm   15.2 × 15.3 mm   ~ 5.7 s
G2-4000C KAI-4022 Color Bayer RGBG 2054 × 2060 7.4 × 7.4 μm   15.2 × 15.3 mm   ~ 5.7 s

G2-2000C and G2-4000C use CCD detector with color mask applied to individual pixels, so they are capable to take color image in single exposure, but at the price of lower sensitivity. These cameras are not equipped with filter wheel for color filters. While it is possible to use filter wheel also in these camera models e.g. for narrow-band imaging, using of monochrome detectors brings much better results in these cases.
Lower resolution of color camera models are caused by the necessity to interpolate colors of each pixel from surrounding pixels. Monochrome raw image taken by color cameras are of the same resolution like in the case of monochrome cameras.
G2CCD cameras are designed to work in cooperation with a host Personal Computer (PC). As opposite to digital still cameras, which are operated independently on the computer, the astronomical slow-scan, cooled cameras usually require computer for operation control, image download, processing and storage etc. To operate G2 CCD camera, you need a computer which:
  1. Is compatible with a PC standard.
  2. Runs a modern 32-bit Windows operating system.
G2 camera USB driver is designed for Windows 2000 and better operating systems (e.g. Windows XP). Older 16/32-bit systems, like Windows 95/98 and Windows Me, are not supported. G2 CCD cameras cannot properly operate with such operating systems.
  3.  Provides at last one free USB port.
The current series of G2CCD cameras are designed to operate with USB 2.0 high-speed (480 Mbps) hosts. Although they are fully backward compatible with USB 1.1 full-speed (12 Mbps) hosts, image download time can be somewhat longer if USB 1.1 connection is used.

G2 CCD Cameras Technical Specifications

CCD Chip
G2-2000 and G2-4000 cameras use low noise Kodak KAI Interline Transfer CCD detectors. Advanced manufacturing techniques like transparent electrodes and microlensing ensure maximum quantum efficiency of monochrome models 55%. The inherent dark current as well as read noise is very low, so the resulting image S/N ratio is very good.

Kodak KAI-2020 inside the G2-2000 CCD camera

Kodak KAI-2020 inside the G2-2000 CCD camera shown above

Model G2-2000 and G2-2000C

KAI-2020 CCD chip specifications:
G2-2000 model uses 2 MPx Kodak KAI-2020 CCD chip.
Resolution        1604 (H) × 1204 (V) pixels
Pixel size            7.4 μm (H) × 7.4 μm (V)
Imaging area    11.9 mm (H) × 8.9 mm (V)
Full well capacity ~40,000 e-
Dark current       40 e-/s/pixel at 40 °C

Above: KAI-2020 CCD chip and its Quantum Efficiency

For further information about G2-2000 CCD Cameras Technical Specifications, Power Supply, Mechanical Specifications, Software Support anf Guiding, please click on the downloadable PDF file below:


Further product information about the G2-2000 Series CCD Cameras (PDF version of the above text) 

Image Gallery

Example images captured with G2 KAI cameras.

Above: Object SH2 155
Author Marco Burali
Camera G2-4000 (H-alpha + OIII + RGB)
Telescope BRC 250 F5

Above: Object NGC2903
Author Marco Burali
Camera G2-4000
Telescope Takahashi TOA 150 F7

Above: Object Virgo Galaxy Cluster
Author Marco Burali
Camera G2-4000
Telescope Takahashi TOA 150 F7

Above: Object NGC7380
Author Marco Burali
Camera G2-4000
Telescope Takahashi TOA 150 F7

Above: Object IC1805
Author Marco Burali
Camera G2-4000
Telescope Takahashi TOA 150 F7

Above: Object NGC884 a NGC869
Author Marco Burali
Camera G2-4000
Telescope Takahashi TOA 150 F7

Above: Object Gama Cygni
Author Marco Burali
Camera G2-4000
Telescope Takahashi TOA 150 F7

All images published with permission of their respective authors.

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