Opticron Imagic BGA VHD Binoculars

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The Imagic BGA VHD remains true to the original Imagic concept offering the discerning buyer a stylish lightweight ergonomic binocular with outstanding performance for its price.

The VHD are the seventh in the series and set another new benchmark for light transmission and colour correction. These characteristics mean they are particularly suited for use in woodland, under cover or in low light extremes at dawn or dusk. To compliment this, focusing is geared to one half turn from 5m to infinity distance for quick accurate focus.

Manufactured in Japan to the highest standards and finished in a textured natural armour for comfort and grip, the Imagic BGA VHD offers the serious enthusiast a genuine alternative to premium brands at a fraction of the price.​​​​​​​


Opticron Imagic BGA SE Binoculars
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