Our Top 5 Budget Spotting Scopes

The 5 Best Budget Spotting Scopes

We offer a large range of spotting scopes, suitable for a wide range of uses including birdwatching, plane spotting and star gazing just to name a few.  In this section we have narrowed down a selection of our top budget buys.  When considering which one is the best buy for you there are some factors to consider.  Arguably the most important will be the objective size.  This will determine the amount of light the scope will gather, and also the physical size and weight of the scope.  This feature therefore has an impact from both a performance and a practicality point of view.  For portability and close work a 65mm or smaller will generally be cheaper and lighter.  For Astronomy, and longer distances 80mm scopes are an advantage but these with cost more than equivalent 60mm models and will be heavier.

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