Power my Telescope

If your going to buy a computerised mount then you are going to need batteries, and lots of them! so an alternative supply like a PowerTank or 240V to 12V Power Adapter should be high on your list.  The Power Tanks are portable which means you can use your telescope away from home, but they do need to be kept on charge regularly even when not in use. The 7ah Power Tank is fine for just powering your telescope for 4-6 hours at a time, the 17ah is better if you plan to run a host of extra accessories in the future like cameras laptops or mobile phones as well as your telescope.

Celestron vs Sky-Watcher Powertank? They are in fact the same product and completely interchangable between brands, so its just a question of to match or not to match your set up!!

Alternatively if you have access to mains the outdoor supply maybe all you need.  Its important to note outdoor does not mean waterproof, but it does mean it will supply stable voltages even when it starts to get very cold!  This is important because power drops can disturb the alignment on a Go-To telescope.
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