Pulsar Telos XP50 Thermal Imaging Monocular

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Pulsar Telos XP50 Thermal Imaging Monocular

A Timeless Thermal Imaging Monocular

Designed to adapt to the ever-changing needs of a modern user, the Telos XP50 thermal imaging monocular introduces the first in a line of fully-upgradeable devices from Pulsar, offering the user the ability to upgrade technical components (whether that’s a more sensitive thermal sensor, a more powerful objective lens, more efficient and functional electronic parts, or even the ability to add a precision laser rangefinder on certain models) in order to ensure a more cost effective way in which to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technological advancements.

Extreme Thermal Sensitivity

Equipped with a highly sensitive 640×480, 17 µm European-made Lynred thermal sensor with an astonishing <18 mK NETD for incredible levels of thermal sensitivity. This, combined with the powerful 50mm f1.0 fast aperture germanium objective lens enables the Telos XP50 to achieve stunning thermal imaging capabilities, with a detection range that will easily spot an animal’s heat signature at distances reaching up to 1800m in almost any weather condition — including heavy rain, dense fog, snow, and high levels of humidity.

Advanced Image Boost Technology

Pulsar’s Image Boost technology ensures this device will provide the highest possible level of detail, clarity, and contrast through a set of proprietary image processing algorithms which work to render complex scenes in a wide range of halftones with evenly-emitting low-contrast objects (such as the sky, grass, and the surface of a body of water). These algorithms will ensure incredible levels of thermal informativity through the enhancement of detail and the sharpening of objects at varying distances.

Manually increasing the Telos XP50’s thermal sensor sensitivity will improve the quality of animal detection in worsening observation conditions, and a smoothing filter with a wide range of brightness and contrast settings will ensure long periods of observation are possible without the user experiencing any fatigue.

Designed for User Needs

Ergonomics is at the forefront of the Telos XP50’s design, offering the user an observation experience that always remains comfortable thanks to a convenient, easy reach button layout along the top panel; an attachable hand strap that can be easily rotate from one side to the other without being removed in order to better cater to left- and right-handed users; and the addition of classically considered focusing and magnification rings located on the objective lens (one by one, as found on traditional camera objective lenses), allowing for smooth image magnification and quick focusing with minimal effort.

Customisable User Experience

For greater levels of adaptability and improved comfort of use, the Telos XP50 features customisable controls and a customisable user interface — allowing the user to reorder the menu items and prioritise the button configuration for fast application of frequently used device functionalities.

Effective Observation with 8 Colour Palettes

A choice of 8 colour palettes lets the user observe their field of view more effectively, allowing them to optimise the Telos XP50 for specific tasks, as well as allowing them to react to changing observation conditions.

  • White Hot, Black Hot and Red Hot are optimal for object detection.
  • Rainbow and Ultramarine help increase chances for recognition & identification.
  • Red Monochrome, Sepia and Violet are most suitable for long observation in the night.

Performance & Durability

Designed to take on the elements, this thermal imaging monocular features a composite polymeric rubber-coated case that allows the device to remain resistant to wear and withstand even the most unforgiving weather conditions, whilst offering non-slip characteristics to guarantee a secure grip in both dry and wet environments. This rubberised cover makes cleaning the Telos XP50 nice and easy, maintaining its original, unblemished appearance for a long time.

Its IPX7 rating protects the device from any water ingress and will even ensure it remains operational after a dip in 1m of water for a duration of up to 30 minutes. The housing, power unit, optics, and electronics are all protected against extreme temperatures — performing reliably in temperatures between -25°C and +40°C.

Built-In Still Image & Video Recorder

Capture every memorable moment with the Telos XP50’s built-in still image and video recording capabilities. An increased internal storage of 32GB allows for hours upon hours of video storage and the ability to save tens of thousands of photos directly to the device. Just one touch is all it takes to capture a still image of an interesting scene or to start recording video on the move.

Stream Vision 2

Connect the device to Stream Vision 2 using an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and discover a wide range of connectivity features, including:

  • The ability to use a mobile phone as a wireless remote to control and adjust the device’s settings. View all the changes made on a smartphone or tablet screen in real-time. This feature also allows for remote recording of footage or capture of still images.
  • A gallery of photos and videos captured on the devcie that can be browsed through and downloaded. These videos and images can also be shared easily.
  • The ability to remotely update the device’s firmware, meaning users can enjoy all the latest features and ensure the Telos XP50 is always running to the best of its ability.


Sensor Type    Uncooled
Sensor    640×480, 17µm, <18mK NETD
Frame Rate    50 Hz
Objective Lens    50mm f1.0
Magnification    2.5 – 10.0x (x4 Digital Zoom)
Field of View    12.4° x 9.3°
Eye Relief    14mm
Display    1024×768 AMOLED HD
Detection Range    1800m
Video Recording    Yes, with Audio
Still Image Capture    Yes
Video / Photo Resolution (Pixels)    1024×768
Video / Photo Format    .mp4 / .jpg
Built-In Memory    32GB
Wi-Fi    Built-In
Wireless Standard    IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac (WPA)
Wi-Fi Frequency    2.4 GHz / 5 GHz
Degree of Environmental Protection, IP Code (IEC60529)    IPX7 (Waterproof)
Operating Temperature Range    -25°С – +40°С
Compatible Mounts    1/4″
Supported Applications    Stream Vision 2
Power Output Voltage    3.0-4.2 V
Battery Type    LPS 7i Li-Ion Battery Pack
Capacity    6400 mAh
Operating Time on Battery Pack (at t=22°C)    8.5 Hours
External Power Supply    5V, 9V (USB Type-C Power Delivery)
Body Material    Rubber Armoured Reinforced Plastic
Dimensions    238 x 72 x 90 mm
Weight    580 g (w/o LPS7i Battery), 720 g (w/ LPS7i Battery)

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Brand Pulsar
Condition New
Product Code PUL-77493