Revelation Pro 14" SCT Dew Heater

Product code: BC044
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Revelation Pro 14" SCT Dew Heater

Designed by Doctor Alex Colburn the new Revelation Pro Dew bands are the ultimate product for controlling dew on your valuable instrument. Superb construction and clever design features deliver the best possible system to combat dew without fuss. Please note: requires Revelation Pro Dew Heater Controller for fine control and power distribution through Powertanks, Tracers and other field batteries.


Simply select the correct size for your instrument.




Robust polyisobutylene encapsulated heating element
Heating element designed to minimize noise transmission
Extra flexible cable routes easily through mounts
Special cable remains flexible to -30 degrees C
Generous 1.5m cable length
Nickel plated power connector for corrosion resistance
Velcro attachment system with strong woven elastic tensioner
Compatible with other manufacturers dew controllers.
Fully noise suppressed
Silicon wire
Standard phono type plugs

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Brand Revelation
Condition New
Product Code BC044