Seek Thermal Seek Shot Thermal Imaging Camera - Open Box
Seek Thermal Seek Shot Thermal Imaging Camera - Open Box
Seek Thermal Seek Shot Thermal Imaging Camera - Open Box
Seek Thermal Seek Shot Thermal Imaging Camera - Open Box
Seek Thermal Seek Shot Thermal Imaging Camera - Open Box

Seek Thermal Seek Shot Thermal Imaging Camera - Open Box

Product code: SK-SQ-AAA
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Seek Thermal Seek Shot Thermal Imaging Camera - Open Box

Open Box bargain

The New Seek Thermal Seek Shot Series is the most advanced thermal imaging camera yet, designed for building professionals. The range consists of two models, including the Seek Shot™ & Seek ShotPRO™. These devices allow the user to capture, edit and analyse photos and video footage immediately using their new thermography tools.

From inspecting electrical panels, connections and fuses, find electrical faults faster and with more confidence by using spot measurements and temperature boxes to create time-saving reports on the problem area. SeekFusion™ Technology can be used to quickly expose problems with an adjustable blend of visible and thermal images. Plus, the Seek Shot™ allows you to share and stream photos to any smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi.

The Seek Shot can also be mounted to a tripod and comes with a wrist lanyard and USB cable.

Seek Shot Benefits & Uses: 

Easy-to-Use Interface 
Diagnose problems on-the-spot and analyses images on your device.

Inspect Electrical Panels, Connections, and Fuses 
Find electrical faults faster and with more confidence.

Check Ventilation Systems for Proper Installation 
Ensure grilles, registers, and diffusers are sealed for maximum efficiency.

Spot Duct Leaks Invisible to the Human Eye 
Easily scan a large ducting network to reveal the air leaks.

Identify Inefficient Air Handlers 
Diagnose faulty equipment and improve energy efficiency.

Find Missing Insulation 
Easily find missing or poor-performing insulation in seconds

Seek Shot Features: 

206 x 156 Thermal Resolution 
Identify, diagnose and report problems faster with high resolution thermal images and video. (32,000 pixels)

SeekFusion™ Technology 
See exactly what you’re looking at with combined visible and thermal images.

Large 3.5-Inch Colour Touch Screen 
The large 3.5-inch touchscreen features a 640x480 resolution for more detailed image capture.

WIFI Live View Stream 
A live thermal view onto your smartphone or tablet by using Wi-Fi.

Long-Lasting Battery Life 
The best-in-class battery life, providing up to 4 hours of continuous thermal imaging.

Durable Body-shell 
The durable, pocket-sized housing has been built with a rugged, IP54 rating.

Seek Shot Features & Specifications 

- 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor
- Fixed Focus
- Rugged rubberised grip
- Photo & video capture
- Post capture analysis tools
- SeekFusion™ Thermal + Visible
- 3.5-inch colour display (640 x 480 resolution)
- 36° Field of View
- 3 customisable spot temperatures
- 3 customisable area boxes with min, max and avg 
- Lock and adjust temperature span
- 4 Emissivity presets
- < 9 Hz frame rate
- Works Day & Night
- Intuitive touch screen
- 8 Colour Palettes – White, Black, Tyrian, Spectra, Iron, Prism, Amber & Hi
- 4GB Internal Storage 
- Up to 4 hours of thermal imaging
- -40℃ to 330℃ Temperature Measurement
- Automatic Hi/Low temperature indicators
- Wi-Fi enabled. Connect And stream via Seek View app
- Includes wrist lanyard
- Includes USB Cable
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Product Code SK-SQ-AAA