Sky-Tracking DSLR Camera Mounts

Portable Astrophotography Mounts for DSLR Cameras

Take amazing Astro-photographs using a DSLR camera and one of these SkyTracker DSLR camera mounts. Let Tring Astronomy Centre, the UK's friendly Experts show you how!

These products provide tracking (on one axis only) for your DSLR or in the case of heavier duty versions for a small refractor too.  They are much much lighter than a typical equatorial telescope mount, and have become very popular for on the go widefield imaging.  Small enough to pack in a rucksack or large camera bag, and when correctly polar aligned accurate enough for 3 minute exposures. 

For best results these skytrackers should be used in conjunction with sturdy camera tripod legs. Lenses with focal lengths between 18mm and 300mm allow you to capture (when skies allow) beautiful images of the milky way through to amazing nebulae and galaxys.  

The key is to take a quantity of images and use software like Deep Sky Stacker to overlay them together with frames called darks. These dark frames are just as important as the main pictures as they subtrack noise making your background darker!

We wont go into a full tutorial now, as we are always on hand to give advice and tips to our customers who take this route. What we would like to say to those of you thinking about taking some first steps into Astro imaging, is that these devices can be a great cost effect way to get going with alot of equipment you may already own!  
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