Spypoint Cameras

Camouflaged Spypoint motion activated digital trail/surveillance cameras allow you to get closer to wildlife than you ever thought possible. These cameras work in the daytime as well as in total darkness, thanks to built-in Infrared (IR) LED’s. With the help of innovative ‘Black Flash’ LEDs, selected models can be used in security applications where the output from the LED’s is invisible to the human eye.

Spypoint cameras are also available in black, making them ideal for security applications and offer the same innovative and market-leading technology as their wildlife counterparts.

These cameras are tough, being tested in the extreme weather conditions of Canada (where the brand is based) and are conservative with power, allowing them to monitor a designated area for extended periods of time, increasing the opportunity to capture that perfect shot.

Spypoint cameras have many applications and are ideally suited to wildlife enthusiasts scouting an area, and anybody conducting security and safety operations.

We supply the full range of Spypoint cameras, from the entry-level to the impressive high-definition and multi-sensor models and innovative WiFi model. All Spypoint models come with a manufacturer’s two year warranty.

Click here to read/download the Spypoint Consumer Brochure
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