Small compact cellular trail camera twin pack - transfers images to your phone via Spypoint App.
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Twice the Surveillance…

Achieve double the cover with this twin pack of the intuitive LINK-MICRO-LTE cellular nature camera from Spypoint! Easy to set up and activate, this wireless nature camera will provide peace of mind, sending high quality photos straight to your phone, so you know what’s happening anytime, anywhere.

LTE Cellular Network Connectivity

For improved reliability and longevity, the Spypoint LINK-MICRO-LTE works using, as the name suggests, LTE network connectivity, removing the need for a Wi-Fi connection and providing more autonomy for your camera in areas where a lack of Wi-Fi signal or electricity supply would make observation impossible. LTE connectivity provides better speeds and significantly greater coverage. The LINK-MICRO-LTE comes provided with a free, pre-activated SIM card for quick and easy setup.

24/7 Detection Capabilities

Using the FREE Spypoint app (available for iOS and Android devices on their respective app stores), the LINK-MICRO-LTE will send photos taken by the camera straight to your smartphone or tablet almost as soon as the camera is triggered, providing near-real-time observation of your chosen area.

High Resolution 10MP Camera

A 10MP camera will take stunning, high-resolution colour (by day) or black & white (by night) images at distances of up to 24m (80ft), with a viewing angle of 42°.

This nature camera uses one sensor to cover 5 zones of detection, with a 0.5 second trigger speed capturing photos and displaying them almost in real-time. Multi-shot mode will take up to 2 pictures per detection, with the date, time, temperature, and moon phase stamped onto each photo to provide as much information as possible.

24m Illumination Range

Four low-glow power LEDs provide an illumination range of up to 24m (<80 feet) for night-time photography. These IR LEDs will not cause a visible flash, meaning wildlife will not be spooked. The LINK-MICRO-LTE is a photo only device; It will not record video.

Mountable Anywhere

Uses versatile straps to facilitate robust mounting to trees, pillars, fencing, or any other similar outdoor structure, and standard 1/4″-20 tripod mounting capabilities offer even greater flexibility.

Withstands the Elements

Braving the weather, no matter how bad it is, the Spypoint LINK-MICRO-LTE nature camera is water resistant, providing constant observational control and working effectively at temperatures between -30 °C to 50 °C (-22 °F to 122 °F).

Spypoint Plans

Spypoint offer a range of data plans to enhance the LINK-MICRO-LTE’s performance, with each plan offering the ability to download HD versions of images captured on the nature camera straight to the Spypoint app on your phone. There are 4 different plans offering a set amount of monthly HD image downloads. These plans include:

  • Free Plan (100 images)
  • Basic Plan (250 images)
  • Standard Plan (1000 images)
  • Premium Plan (unlimited images)

If a plan is not chosen, the camera will continue to capture images, but will only store them on the SD card included with the device, you will not be able to access them on the Spypoint app. More information about Spypoints plans, including pricing and features, can be found here.

Spypoint App

The free Spypoint app will offer a range of convenient features designed to make setup and operation of your LINK-MICRO-LTE camera as easy as possible. With this app you can check through all of the images captured on the device, downloading HD versions for closer observation, and you can configure the cameras settings easily from your smartphone or tablet, making quick settings changes without having to access the camera itself.

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