Starlight Xpress SX USB filter wheel

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The wheel is light and slim with thumbscrews for quick and easy swapping of filter disks without tools.
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Starlight Xpress SX USB filter wheel

The Standard USB filter wheel was first introduced in 2009 and adds many new features to a useful imaging accessory. It is unique in that it does not require a separate power supply when used with USB control – the high performance DC gearmotor runs entirely from the USB supply and consumes less than 100mA. It is also capable of operation from a serial input, or from a switched hand controller, both of which power the wheel from a small dry battery.

The wheel is USB controlled and powered, with either 7 or 5 filter positions depending on the size of the filters. It is light and slim, with an easy change system of thumbscrews to swap filter disks without tools. A wide variety of threaded adaptors are available – T thread and SCT thread are commonly used, but you can see the full set at the foot of this page. The adaptors can be swapped by using a small screwdriver to release three stainless screws and lifting off the adaptor flange. Each flange can be rotated to any angle before locking down, so that you can orient the wheel and camera into the optimum position.

The wheel is quiet in operation and the Hall-Effect 3 bit encoded positioning gives absolute filter locations (not serially sequential) so you can easily swap between any filters without accidentally losing the wheel position.



The Standard filter wheel uses the same control protocol as the smaller SX wheel and has both USB and serial inputs. The entire electronic assembly is USB powered and does not need an external power supply. (the serial input does require a small PP3 style battery, if this is used).

Overall dimensions:

  • Diameter: 190mm (7.5 inches)
  • Thickness between input and output adaptors: 37mm (1.46 inches)
  • Weight: 0.8kg (2 pounds)

Carousel Options

Several carousel options are available, as follows:

  • 1.25″ x 7 Positions
  • 36mm Unmounted Filter x 7 Positions
  • 2″ x 5 Positions
  • 50.8″ x 5 Positions

Adapter Options

The standard output adaptor ring is a male T-thread (M42 x 0.75mm) threaded version, intended for coupling to an TRIUS PRO series camera such as the PRO-694 or PRO-814, but alternatives are also available. On the input side (telescope) there is a female T-thread (M42 x 0.75mm) adapter supplied with the Standard filter wheel.

Available additional adapters:

  • Female T-thread
  • Male T-thread
  • Female SCT
  • Male SCT
  • Female 48mm
  • Male 48mm
  • Female 52mm
  • Male 52mm
  • Female 54mm
  • Male 54mm
  • Female 56mm
  • Male 56mm
  • Male 72mm
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Product Code 120-00nn