Starlight Xpress Ultrastar Colour guiding/imaging camera

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Starlight Xpress Ultrastar Colour guiding/imaging camera

The Ultrastar cameras are advanced versions of the Starlight Xpress 'Superstar' guide camera and have a similar resolution of 1392 x 1040 pixels. However, the CCD chip has 70% more area and the QE is considerably greater, at around 75% peak. These characteristics give the Ultrastar an excellent performance as both a guide camera and an imaging camera, which is especially well suited to 'Live Viewing' mode. Some years ago, Paul Shears released a simple to use program called 'Lodestar Live', which uses the SX Lodestar in 'Live Viewing' mode. This has now been upgraded to 'Starlight Live' and is capable of controlling both the Lodestar and the Ultrastar in Live view. It can also colour convert and stack images from the single-shot colour versions of these cameras.

M27 mono ultrastar

M27 from a stack of 40 x 10 second Ultrastar frames in Starlight Live. Taken with Takahashi FSQ106 at F/5

M27 ultrastar colour

M27 from a stack of 14 x 20 second Ultrastar C frames in Starlight Live. Taken with a Takahashi FSQ106 at F/5

The Starlight Xpress Ultrastar specification:

CCD -                  Sony ICX825AL ExView2 monochrome CCD

Pixel count -           1392(H) x 1040(V)

Pixel size -             6.45 x 6.45uM

Optical size -          8.98 x 6.71 mm

Read noise -          Typically 5.0 electrons

QE -                       Peak QE 75% (yellow light)

Gain -                     0.3 e/ADU

Barrel size -            31.75mm dia. x 85mm long (1.25 inch eyepiece push fit size)

Barrel thread -        25.4mm x 0.75mm ‘CS’ mount lens thread

Input connection -  ‘Mini B’ USB socket for USB2.0

Output connection - Standard RJ12 autoguider socket

Output type -          Opto-isolated 4 lines (N,S,E & W) pull down with common return line

Download rate -       Approx. 2 frames per second in binned 1x1 mode

Ultrastar 'live viewing' imaging software, courtesy of Paul Shears

Download 'Starlight Live' for Windows - version 1.0

Download 'Starlight Live' for Mac OSX - version 1.0

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