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How can I upgrade my telescope? is one of the most frequently asked questions by visitors to our shop, so we have decided to put this section together to help answer some of those questions.  This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, and as always we are very happy to talk to customers on the phone, or advise face to face over a cup of tea or coffee, but for now we have split this section into some key areas for you.

Eyepieces - This is the easiest and most common upgrade, and often makes most the sense. Good quality eyepieces are transferable from scope to scope and can last a lifetime.  In most cases the 'kit' eyepieces that come with a telescope package whislt servicable can be easily improved on.

Filters - Filters can be a specialist area so in this section we stick to the basics. A moon filter or better still a variable polarising filter to cut down the glare of our moon, and some light pollution filters to cut out some of that dreaded orange glow will all help improve your experience.

Finders - Not getting on with that red dot? or the small finderscope? or getting a crick in your neck? then a larger finder or a right angled, correct image or illuminated finderscope maybe the answer.

Diagonals - Want to use your refractor or compound telescope for daytime viewing? then a errect image diagonal will put the image the right way round and up for you!  A 2 inch diagonal is also a popular upgrade for SCT and refractor owners.

Mount Uprades - Can I buy a goto mount for my telescope? Simple answer is yes! In some cases there are upgrade kits that can be fitted to your existing mount so if in doubt speak to us first. The most import thing is to make sure the mount you buy has the capacity to carry the weight of the tube and accessories you plan to put on it. Next you must be clear about what you plan to do with the mount, eg it is for visual use or for photography. The latter is a complex area so please speak to us as we are always happy to help you chose the right product. Even if you decide not to go for a motorised mount a more sturdy mount can bring an improvement in viewing quality if your existing mount is too shaky or wobbly.

Optical Tube Upgrades - Can I buy a bigger telescope for my mount? Simple answer is yes! The important point here is to make sure that your existing mount has the capacity to carry it, not just in weight terms but also in length. If in doubt just pick up the phone or call into the showroom for a chat.

Navigational & Alignment Aids - Having trouble setting up your goto mount? Well first things first if your a Tring Astro customer please speak to us and make use of your free tech support!  Once you have the hang of things there are however some time saving devices available. These include GPS modules, Alignment cameras or for help finding your way around the sky we have skyscout personal planetariums as well as the humble planisphere.

Power Supplies - Fed up feeding batteries to your motorised telescope? In this section you'll find a range of mains adapters and portable rechargable battery packs.

Photography - If your interested in taking photos then you will need to attach your camera to your telescope.  A DSLR type camera with a removable lens is the easiest type to attach, but this can still be tricky with some types of newtonian telescopes where focus may not be achievable.  A combination of T-Adapter (sometimes telescope specific) and T-Ring will be required for most scopes.  Please note that to take pictures of faint night sky objects you need a mount that tracks accurately. Please contact us for advice if you need to. Web-Cam Photography - Or more precisely, using a planetary imaging camera is the most effective way of taking stunning images of planets, the moon and with the correct filters in place our sun. These devices drop into the diagonal on the back of your telescope in place of the eyepiece and can turn your telescope into a powerful imaging device.  They require a tracking mount and need to be used in conjunction with a suitable laptop.

Solar viewing - Can I look at the Sun?  It is extremely dangerous to point your telescope at the sun, and doing so without the correct filters can result in instant blindness.  Done correctly however, solar astronomy can be very rewarding and most telescopes can be easily converted for solar viewing. Baader Astrosolar film is the most popular solution, or for those with smaller refractors a herschel wedge is also a good solution.

Cleaning and Maintenance - Sometimes a clean and an adjustment can bring a great improvement to your viewing experience, especially if your reflecting telescope has become out of collimation. In this section you will find some products to help with just that.

I hope you find this section helpful. Remember this is not an exhaustive list so you will find more products in the other dedicated areas of our website.  If you need any help or advice you can contact us via webchat, email, phone or can visit us at our showroom in Tring where we will be happy to talk to you face to face.  
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