Thermal Imaging

The best thermal-imaging devices allow you to see and measure temperature differences accurately from a safe distance. They are useful for identifying heat sources in very dark or obscured places, whether you’re trying to rescue a lost child or pet, to identify sources of heat loss or to observe wildlife.  More recently thermal imaging cameras have even been effectively used to identify infected individuals in a crowd, by picking out those that have higher feverish temperatures. 

An infra-red thermal camera will enable you to explore your environment in a unique way. Beyond the visible spectrum, there is an unseen world of heat radiation. For the most part, the cameras work like regular ones, except that image sensor detects invisible IR light and it is translated to a visual “thermogram.” Thermal cameras still have pixels, but starting at lower resolutions (e.g. 80x60 pixels, or 0.003 megapixels). This is enough detail to pick out hotspots in wiring, for example, but higher resolutions are always better, especially for thermal imaging at a distance, such as search and rescue, or wildlife observation. 

Tring Astronomy Centre stock and supply a wide range of Thermal imaging and Night Vision Devices from trusted brands such as Guide sensmart, Pulsar and Seek Thermal and are happy to offer advice.

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