Vixen POLARIE U PF-L II Polar Finder set

product code: X035495
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Vixen POLARIE U PF-L II Polar Finder set

Available to order - typically ships in 7-10 days

You need this Vixen polar finder set for the POLARIE U Star Tracker in order to be able to align the POLARIE U exactly to the celestial pole. This is very important for longer focal lengths and exposure times, in order to obtain point-like star images. The polar finder enables polar alignment with an accuracy of 3 arc minutes . The polar alignment is very simple: You only have to bring the Pole Star and two other stars into the field of view of the polar finder and rotate them with the stars so that they are congruent with the reticule shown in the polar finder.  No further calculation is needed - no time and date to set, just match the reticule to the polar stars and get imaging. The polar finder PF-L II has red, dimmable lighting that switches itself off after a few minutes in order to save the batteries.

  • 5 x 20 viewfinder with 10 ° field of view
  • 3 star positioning
  • Northern skies: Polaris, Delta UMI, 51 Cep
  • Southern skies: Chi Octantis, Tau Octantis, Sigma Octantis
  • Dimmable, red lighting in 8 levels
  • Pole finder PF-L II
  • Mounting arm
  • CR 2032 battery

Technical Data

Field of application Photography
Polefinder scope as standard; illuminated
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 229 g

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Brand Vixen
Condition New
Product Code X035495