Vixen SXP2-PFL Equatorial Mount

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Vixen SXP2-PFL Equatorial Mount

Combining the best functions of the Sphinx series of mounts and of the latest Star Book GO-TO controller, Vixen has introduced a new generation of SX equatorial mount for high-performance observing and astrophotography.

The Vixen SXP2 mount comes with Star Book Ten controller for manual or computer controlled observation or astrophotography.

Using the same high precision stepper motors as the top of the range AXD mount, the SXP2 brings a new level of performance to the mid-range Vixen mount family. The SXP2 is quieter and smoother in its tracking than the SX and SXD2 mounts and the increased precision of the motors allows for improved performance for long-exposure astrophotography.


Product Features 

The new mount comes as standard with the Star Book Ten which is the latest generation Vixen handheld controller. Its high resolution screen and extensive feature set make it the perfect companion for this sturdy mount.

The SXP2 mount uses high-precision pulse stepper motors. Vixen's micro-step motion control makes the movement of the motors very accurate, quiet and extremely smooth.

The RA and DEC gear wheels have 180 teeth and are 72mm in diameter. High-precision CNC-machined brass wheels and worm gears ensure accurate tracking. The uprated RA and DEC shafts are made of carbon steel and are supported by a combination of 15 bearings.

As with the other mounts in the SX range, the declination body of the SXP2 mount acts as part of the counterweight system. This helps to reduce the amount of additional weight carried on the counterweight shaft.

The Vixen SXP2 Mount boasts a maximum loading weight of 50 lbs for astrophotography and 60 lbs for the visual observer.

The Star Book Ten controller allows for permanent periodic error correction data to be saved.

Polar Scope PF-L Polar Axis Scope
The polar scope PF-L with built-in dark field illuminator is supplied as standard with the SXP2 mount and is mounted in the RA body. Vixen’s excellent reticle design and precise RA axis/polar scope alignment allow for precision polar alignment. No hour angle setting is required, making set up quick and simple.

Specifications    SXP2-PFL Mount
R.A. slow motion axis    180-tooth full circle micro-movement gear, 72mm diameter, brass wheel
DEC slow motion axis    180-tooth full circle micro-movement gear, 72mm diameter, brass wheel
Worm gears    9mm diameter, brass
R.A. & DEC. axes    40mm diameter, carbon steel
Number of bearings    15 pieces
Counterweight bar    20mm in diameter, retractable
R.A. setting circle    10 minutes increments (accurate to 1 minute)
DEC. setting circle    2° increments (accurate to 10 minutes, about 0.167°)
Polar axis scope    5x20mm PF-L polar axis scope
Drive motor    Stepping (Pulse) motors with 300PPS
Slewing    Maximum 1000x sidereal rate
Maximum loading weight    22kg (50lb)
Power source    DC12V 0.6 ~ 2.5A
Dimensions    342 x 355 x 127mm
Weight    11kg (24.25lb) without counterweight
Counterweight    3.7kg (8.15lb) x 1pc and 1.9kg (4.2lb) x 1pc

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Product Code 75051