ZWO 1.25″ Helical Focuser

product code: ZWO-HF1.25
1.25" Helical Focuser
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ZWO 1.25″ Helical Focuser

ZWO 1.25″ Helical Focuser for ZWO OAG (Off Axis Guider)

Perfectly fits the ZWO OAG (Off Axis Guider); then it will accept 1.25" format guide cameras such as the ZWO Mini series guide cameras. (ASI120Mini, ASI174Mini, ASI290Mini)

Can also be used for other applications and might be compatible with other accessories as the female T-thread at the bottom allows wide compatibility.

The attached accessory (i.e. camera) stays in position when you turn the focusing.


  • Aerospace aluminium alloy material
  • Precision CNC machined
  • Frosted and anodised housing
  • Anti-skid brass screw
  • Brass compression ring


  • Inner diameter: 1.25" (31.75mm)
  • Overall movement: 6mm
  • Adjustment accuracy; 0.1mm
  • Top thread: male M42x0.75 (T-thread)
  • Bottom thread: female M42x0.75 (T-thread)
  • Min. height: 48.0mm
  • Mx. height: 54.2mm

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Brand ZWOptical
Product Code ZWO-HF1.25