ZWO ASI220MM MINI USB2.0 Monochrome Small Format CMOS Camera with Autoguider Port

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ZWO ASI220MM MINI USB2.0 Monochrome Small Format CMOS Camera with Autoguider Port

ZWO ASI220MM MINI USB2.0 Monochrome Small Format CMOS Camera with Autoguider Port

Get in contact if you need advice from experienced amateur astronomers who use a wide range of CMOS and CCD cameras, including many ZWO cameras.

Comes with 2 years warranty

The NEW ZWO ASI220MM MINI or ASI220MINI is an excellent choice for an affordable planetary and deep sky camera for those who have just started in astro photography, but cannot spend a fortune on a specialist astro photography camera or want to replace a modified webcam or a cheaper planetary imager. It fills a gap between the ASI120MINI and the 174MINI with a slightly larger pixel size than the ASI120MINI, but still much smaller pixel size than the ASI174MINI, thus making it a comfortable choice for medium to large sized telescopes when used for guiding in an OAG (off axis guider accessory).
It also offers wide compatibility with various guiding solutions, guidescopes and off axis guiders as it comes in a compact, 1.25" format body.
Naturally, it comes with an AUTOGUIDER PORT, so you may use it for planetary imaging or when you take images of deep sky with another camera (a dSLR or a cooled ZWO) you may use this camera for guiding!

For driver installation tutorial (youtube video), basic usage information and recommended third party software please visit the manufacturer's website: ZWOptical

There is also a Yahoo Group where you can find lots of information about how other members use the ZWO cameras: Yahoo Group ZWO ASI Cameras

See an article in our blog about 
How to deal with Newton’s rings in CMOS imaging?

Below is an example of a planetary imaging setup with a Imaging Flip MirrorZWO Filter Wheel and ZWO ASI120MM monochrome camera. With the help of a Variable Locking T2 Extension we could achieve parfocality.  The eyepiece holder (that is part of the Imaging Flip Mirror) is also adjustable, so with these two adjastable items we can achieve various positions of the eyepiece thus parfocality can be achieved with eyepieces of various focal lengths. To see approximately the same field, you'd have to use an eyepiece with approximately 6mm focal length. Please note that this setup might not work for a Newtonian telescope due to the long back focus requirement.

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