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ZWO (ZW Optical) continue to making a quite an impression in Astronomy Circles with their ever expanding range of fast frame rate USB cameras. Packed full of features typically found in cameras twice their price the ZWO ASI120 Monochrome and Color astronomy cameras are a grabbed the attention of astro-photographers around the UK when they hit the market

Starting with the ZWO ASI120 and moving through the range ZWO cameras are perfect for imaging the Sun, Moon and Planets as well as Galaxies, Clusters and Nebulae. The ZWO ASI120 features a multitude of frame rate settings which max out at 215 frames per second at reduced resolution. This characteristic gives astro photographers great flexibility while imaging. Each ASI120 comes with a 150 degree lens which turns the ZWO CCD Imager into an effective All Sky Camera. The body of each ZWO camera is beautifully CNC machined and comes equipped with ST4 Auto Guider Ports and an Integrated IR Filter.  The more recently introduced ASI224, ASI185, ASI174, ASI178 and ASI290 all feature the latest Sony IMX sensors each giving high sensitivity and low read noise, and now a choice of pixel and sensor size optimised to suit a variety of applications.  

The ZWO ASI1600 sees the introduction for the first time of a 4/3 sized sensor and together with cooled options for an increasing range or their camers shows a serious move by ZWO into the DSO imaging category. 

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Here are some images taken with ZWO ASI120 MM/MC Cameras including a stunning image of Saturn by Damian Peach!

Damian Peach Image with ZWO ASI120Images taken with ZWO ASI120 images taken with ZWO ASI120

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